The Makings of Brides by Young - Part I

Many of our brides already know the wonderful beginnings of our story, but for those of you who don’t – and for those of you who want more fun details, we decided to interview Young herself!

We opened our first location almost 3.5 years ago now in Indianapolis, Indiana… however, the concept and plans to open Brides by Young began many years before. Enjoy Part I of the Brides by Young story and learn what makes us so unique and why our brides choose to shop with us, traveling from near and very far!

Question: What made you first realize there was a need for a specialty, Plus Size bridal salon?

Young: "I remember it very specifically actually! At the time, I was working for a national bridal store chain and while I was helping one of my brides… she actually inspired me to dream of the idea! The samples that we had in the store were too small for her to try on except for 2-3 that we happened to have in larger sizes. She expressed her disappointment and frustration that she was expected to pick one of the most important dresses she will ever wear without having the ability to try on a large variety of styles - it felt unfair. Although I had known this problem existed… it was really experiencing firsthand her exasperation that made me start planning Brides by Young."

Question: What were the biggest challenges you faced when opening Brides by Young?

Young: "When we began, we were one of the only boutiques in the world pushing for size inclusive wedding dress designs and stock samples! This was even pre-Ashley Graham fame (did you know she was a bridal model before anything else?)… There was very limited to no advertisement images showing women’s curves… It took over a year for the bridal industry to start catching on after we opened and although it was difficult to be one of the few to trailblaze the way, we’re so grateful to see all the changes in the bridal industry and the entire fashion industry in general."

Question: Why do brides choose Brides by Young over other, non-specialty stores?

Young: "Nowadays, a lot of bridal stores have started carrying a section of plus size gowns in their stores. While this is great and enough for some it’s still a very limited selection of samples (typically 20 to 30 styles) whereas specialty stores will carry hundreds of curve-friendly samples – for example we have between 300 to 400 styles in curve friendly sizes… sometimes even carrying our favorite styles in two sizes!

It really still comes down to the fact that a limited selection of larger sizes is not the same as shopping at a specialty bridal boutique who truly carries every style for every shape. It is important to note that we have updated and fashionable styles too! ... at Brides by Young you choose from the best selection in the world!"

Question: What’s your favorite part of Brides by Young? So far!

Young: "Hmm… Honestly, it’s very difficult to say just one thing but for me, it’s truly such an honor to know that we have brides who fly to see us from all over the country. The fact that the love I’ve put, my team and we have all put into this store, is recognized by our brides and appreciated… This is my favorite part. We’ve made a difference in our brides’ lives and we’ve helped make changes in the bridal industry. It makes everyone involved feel very happy!"


We'll share more about Young and her shopping tips soon! Stay tuned!